A Little Can of Business

Do you know any nosey people?

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to mind their own business?

Well for all those times you wanted to say "Why don't you mind your own business," don't say it, give them their own. Yes, now, for all those nosey people, You can give them "A Little Can of Business". So they can have some business of their own and stay out of yours.

Get one for the neighbor who watches people come in and out of your house.
Get one for that friend who wants to know what he "said last night".
Get one for that in-law who looks in your medicine cabinet when they visit.
Get one for Mom or Dad who wants to know "where were you last night".
Get one for the person you caught looking on your desk.
Get one for the person who said you did it.
Get one for the person who said they saw you do it.
Get 2 for the person who didn't know you did it, but tells everyone else they heard you did it.

A Little Can of Business, for those nosey people who can't seem to mind their own business.


Makes a great Gift

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